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Roman Shades

When you need beauty and privacy, roman shades are the answer. Roman shades can be made from a variety of fabrics that will add colour and softness to any room. A roman shade is a two in one window treatment, they provide privacy when they are down and will become a beautiful valance when they are up.

Embellish offers many styles of Roman Shades, including Classic, Tucked, Hobbled and Soft Romans, available with a crank operation or motorization.

Classic Roman

The Classic roman shade is a flat traditional looking roman. This Classic roman is gorgeous in traditional spaces and looks great in textures and prints.

Tucked Roman

The Tucked roman shade has tucks sewn in the back to create a contemporary design. This Tucked roman shade looks amazing in contemporary spaces and looks best in solids colours and textures.

Hobbled Shade

The Hobbled shade has soft folds that are at the front of the shade and is more traditional in design. It has more fullness compared to the Classic shade which gives the hobbled shade a more luxurious look.

Soft Roman

The Soft roman shade is the same as the classic shade but with a nice gentle curve on the bottom for a soft relaxed look. The shade is great for spaces that are more casual and relaxed.

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